Friday, March 29

Mustard Inspired

Oh mustard how I love thee...   photo 1_zps2ae5bff0.jpg    photo 2_zps0d05e735.jpg  photo 5_zpsbc8f815a.jpg   photo 3_zps9dd6d698.jpg  
Top - Express 
Pants - Forever 21 
Boots - Payless 
Hand Warmers - The Velvetleaf Boutique

I got dressed up for a day of shopping yesterday. We went to Sam's club to restock on paper products. Yippee! And then we headed to Target for diapers and a bit of clothes shopping. God blessed me with some new workout tops on the clearance rack. They're bright and fun and make me want to exercise which is just what I need at the moment.

This outfit was possibly a bit over-the-top for a simple Sam's and Target run; but I always seem to enjoy the trip more when I've put myself together. I realize now I completely forgot to accessorize (aside from the hand warmers) before stepping out the door. I find myself wearing very little jewelry lately. I used to wear necklaces quite often. Then I switched over to scarves. And I almost always wear earrings. Except on those days that I don't of course. 

How 'bout you? What is your favorite accessory to wear?

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Thursday, March 28

Thursday, Verse Day 3

Time for Thursday, Verse Day... a new favorite of mine. As I do my devotional time each morning (sometimes evening), I'm always looking for a verse to grab me. One that urges me to share. After my devotional time this morning, I still hadn't found that one. So I prayed... As I prayed I did what we are taught never to do while praying. I peeked. My eyes rested on the Bible in my lap...

Happy is that people, that is in such a case: yea, happy is that people, whose God is the LORD.
Psalm 144:15

Maybe it's ok to peek after all. Today I am "feeling" the truth of this verse. Some days I "know" that it is true but don't entirely "feel" it. Those days if I'm honest are usually characterized by self-absorbance. However, God is still Lord! I've just forgotten to dwell on it. And that blessed happiness He offers is not as present as it could be.

So today I am dwelling on it. God is LORD. I am His people.  photo 1_zpsf8aebaa9.jpg 
Are you His people? Is He your Lord?

Happy Thursday, Verse Day all. I hope for you it's a day filled with happiness. 

Wednesday, March 27

New Item Wednesday

I'm super excited to share this new shop item with all of you. For those who are eagerly awaiting warmer weather and can't wait to get past the final chills of winter. This cowl is meant for you. Something beautiful and cheerful to get you through those last painfully cold days with a smile. photo 1_zpsdf3f59d0.jpg 
You can see more photos and place your orders here. Happy New Item Wednesday everybody. 

Hope this week is finding you blessed.


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Tuesday, March 26

Staying Healthy and Getting Fit

I've been drinking a bit of raspberry Emergen-C to boost my immune system and to replenish energy after workouts. So refreshing... photo 4_zpsda81c602.jpg
Did you notice the heart-shaped cubes? I really should've shared these photos around Valentine's Day now that I think of it. photo 3_zps83852b5c.jpg
I'm writing this post to get me thinking about fitness and health. What a privilege it is to take care of our bodies through healthy eating and exercise. I fall off that wagon far too frequently. But the good thing is I do my best to jump back on as quickly as possible?

Now that Jack is three months old, I know I am more than capable of strenuous exercise once again. I've been easing into it for several weeks now with walking and some 20-minute toning exercises. I think it's finally time to get a bit more serious. This week I plan to develop a set fitness routine and jot down some fundamental guidelines for my diet. If I come up with anything brilliant I will most certainly share it with you.

In the meantime, I'd love to hear your fitness and diet strategies. What's been working for you these days?

Monday, March 25

Breakfast at Courtney's

It's that time again. Breakfast at Courtney's. I started this series last week (you may remember) as a way to motivate myself to eat a variety of healthy meals each morning. No more monotonous cereal for this girl.

This week's noteworthy breakfast?  
Avocado Egg & Onion on Toast  photo 1_zpse8fa4a27.jpg 
My new least favorite. I know you're all thinking you could've told me that before I even started prepping. Who puts mashed avocado with scrambled eggs and onion? I was going to add tomatoes. But they were a bit wilted.  photo 1_zps3b583aa0.jpg 
Pretty sure tomatoes wouldn't have changed my mind about this dish anyway.

 (Side note: I apologize if avocados eggs and onion on toast just happen to be one of your favorite combos).

In all fairness, it wasn't the worst thing I've ever eaten. And it was a healthy choice. And it did use up the ingredients I had in my fridge that needed using. So I could almost call it a success.

Thanks for stopping by for Breakfast at Courtney's

I hope you'll come again next Monday.

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Thursday, March 21

Thursday, Verse Day 2

It is time again for Thursday, Verse Day. Can't believe a week has passed already since I started this new series. (See the last verse post).

Today's verse? 

God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble. 
Psalm 46:1 

Ami Andersen, a very talented friend of mine released her first CD this summer. It is beautiful (understatement noted). I listened to this sample song of hers on Youtube today and ended up buying the entire CD on Amazon, I was that captivated. 


Of course the song triggered today's verse... and it is a good one. No matter what our difficulty, God is with us. As believers we can carry this promise through our day and rest in the peace only God's presence can offer. 

Happy Thursday, Verse Day all.

p.s. If you wish to purchase Ami's CD, visit here. She also shares more about her story and heart for music on her blog.

Tuesday, March 19

Cozy Little Baby Feet

Ah baby feet. There are few things more adorable than precious little baby feet. And baby feet in booties? Be still my beating heart... photo 3_zpsb6fbcfde.jpg  photo 4_zps6dee55f4.jpg  photo 2_zps1788d5bd.jpg These baby booties are the most recent addition to my etsy shop. They are currently available in the three color combinations you see in the photos but I'm sure I'll be adding more options very soon. So much fun to stitch these up!

I promise you they'll make the perfect gift for all the adorable little baby feet in your world. You can place your order here.

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Monday, March 18

Breakfast at Courtney's

Welcome to Breakfast at Courtney's. This is the first post of a series that I'm starting in an attempt to spruce up my breakfast meal planning. I don't know about you but I very easily get stuck in a rut of eating cereal morning after morning or simply skipping breakfast all together. When I was pregnant and food was on my mind, (and I mean QUITE constantly ON MY MIND) I never missed my breakfast. I even knew what I'd be having for breakfast the night before as I would lay dreaming up a tasty morning meal before drifting off to sleep. But, since little Jack has been born I have had a tendency to rush through or overlook one of the most important fueling moments of the day. Perhaps the most important fueling moment. 

So this is my plan. I will photograph and post one breakfast a week as I hopefully grow my repertoire of meals and will do my best to make these meals not only healthy but also beautiful. I'm a fan of eating pretty. (However ridiculously girly that may sound). So with no further ado, welcome to Breakfast at Courtney's

 Meal of the week?  
Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie  photo 1_zps8df7af1f.jpg  photo 2_zpsc748a1d0.jpg 
 photo 1_zps170915cc.jpg 
1 1/2 Frozen banana (Don't forget to peel the bananas BEFORE you freeze them). 
3/4 c. Whole milk (You can of course substitute soy or almond milk if you're going dairy-free). 
1 Tbsp. Peanut butter (The organic good stuff is best). 
 Blend until smooth. Stick a straw in it or enjoy with a spoon. Delicious!

Don't forget to wash your blender promptly. Or at least rinse it thoroughly. It'll save you dish-washing time later I promise. 

Thanks so much for joining me. Do come again next week.


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Thursday, March 14

Thursday, Verse Day 1

I thought it'd be fun to start a new little series on this here blog of mine by sharing a verse and some of my thoughts about it every Thursday. So for today...

The Lord thy God in the midst of thee is mighty; He will save, He will rejoice over thee with joy; He will rest in His love, He will joy over thee with singing.
Zephaniah 3:17 

I loved this verse immediately upon first reading it. However, I have questions about the phrase "He will rest in His love." What does that mean for us? The verse seems to be talking about God and His working in or towards US and then right smack in the middle it talks about Himself and "His" rest in "His" love. Could it mean that He is resting in a state of His love toward us? How beautiful is that? Any thoughts? 

On another note, this little guy is growing up so quickly...  photo 2_zpscbc0980e.jpg  photo 1_zps916ea530.jpg  photo 1_zps8245ed3e.jpg
As a new mom I find it incredibly difficult to complete anything in its entirety within one sitting. I'm working at being patient and accepting the fact that I will start many things within my day and will not be able to finish them until after the baby goes to sleep for the night if I end up completing them at all. 

Goal for today? Finish the dishes from yesterday and start the laundry! 

Happy Thursday Verse Day dear reader,

Tuesday, March 12

Sneak Peek...Coming Soon

I'm excited to announce that the next few weeks I'll be adding baby-sized crocheted items to my shop inventory!

Here's a sneak peek at my children's collection.  photo 1_zps6cc95e35.jpg Darling hats for darling heads...  photo 2_zps5a6ca508.jpg Cozy slippers for cute little toes... 
  photo 1_zpsbf333e3a.jpg 
 I have to admit, the slippers are one of my favorite designs to date. I created them originally in green and blue for my sweet little Jack (You may remember this post?), but will have them available in a variety of color options for both boys and girls.

Do stay tuned. These will be coming soon!

Thursday, March 7

From the U.S. to Australia

This week my etsy shop received its very first overseas order. All the way from Australia.  photo 4_zps8e638c23.jpg Thought I'd take a few photos to document. The golden earrings are about to be mailed to their new owner...  photo 3_zps0306cb00.jpg  photo 5_zps87443671.jpg photo 1_zpsa559a454.jpg
Such a treat to write out an Australian address and think about the journey this little package is about to make. Too bad I can't squeeze myself into the box. I've always wanted to visit. I think the Australian accent might just be one of my favorites.

Sigh... perhaps one day.

p.s. By the way, if you see an item you love in my shop and you want it shipped overseas, just let me know. I am adding overseas shipping to individual items per special requests.

Friday, March 1

First Day at the Beach

My husband's brother and sister have been here visiting this week and we've been loving exploring bits of our hometown with them. Today we all decided it was the perfect day to check out the beach.

Sunny. 80. Light breeze. Beautiful.

 It also just so happened to be Jack's very first time going...  photo 1_zps7d91a319.jpg photo 1_zpsd8ebc047.jpg 
 photo 3_zps05ffb445.jpg 
I gotta say he wasn't the hugest fan of putting his feet in the sand. I'm sure it must feel like a very strange texture if you've never felt it before. And to be honest, I'm kinda glad he doesn't like it quite yet. I realized today that sand is not the easiest thing to get off a baby's sweet soft skin. photo 4_zps2ce1c0fc.jpg 
Anywho, happy to have the weekend here. Hope you get a chance to catch some rest and re-energize these next two days.