Friday, March 29

Mustard Inspired

Oh mustard how I love thee...   photo 1_zps2ae5bff0.jpg    photo 2_zps0d05e735.jpg  photo 5_zpsbc8f815a.jpg   photo 3_zps9dd6d698.jpg  
Top - Express 
Pants - Forever 21 
Boots - Payless 
Hand Warmers - The Velvetleaf Boutique

I got dressed up for a day of shopping yesterday. We went to Sam's club to restock on paper products. Yippee! And then we headed to Target for diapers and a bit of clothes shopping. God blessed me with some new workout tops on the clearance rack. They're bright and fun and make me want to exercise which is just what I need at the moment.

This outfit was possibly a bit over-the-top for a simple Sam's and Target run; but I always seem to enjoy the trip more when I've put myself together. I realize now I completely forgot to accessorize (aside from the hand warmers) before stepping out the door. I find myself wearing very little jewelry lately. I used to wear necklaces quite often. Then I switched over to scarves. And I almost always wear earrings. Except on those days that I don't of course. 

How 'bout you? What is your favorite accessory to wear?

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  1. So a few things about this post... 1. It's my fave when you post some selfies 2. THAT hair! Amazing! 3. Those BOOTS!! and 4. My favorite accessory is scarves.. Scarves for life! Have a good weekend!

  2. I don't wear a lot of jewellery, most of the time none at all. But I love scarves. Looking forward to wearing them when the weather starts getting cooler over here. Happy Easter.

  3. Courtney you are LOVELY! It's so nice to see some more pictures of you. :)

  4. THOSE are adorable! I tried to make them once and got as far as the cuffs, which were easy breezy, but then couldn't get the thumbs to line up right :/ I'll have to give it another go sometime, love yours!!!


  5. It IS fun to dress up to just go out regular shopping!How fun to see you styling your own designs, good for you. :) On my jewelry style, I usually just wear tiny diamond studs daily. For my birthday recently, I got the most beautiful jade pendant necklace from my parents (made locally!), so I wear that most days. Enjoy dress up days C.

    1. Oh I love those sentimental pieces like that. I'm sure it's beautiful. It sounds gorgeous!

  6. Those hand warmers are amazing! And you look beyond amazing!!!


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