Tuesday, July 1

Hop On Over

I have moved!!! (Though I am still quite present here in all my past posts); however, in the future I will be posting at velvetleafboutique.com! This has me so excited! I hope you'll hop on over and check it out! 

Over there I plan to share lots of good stuff detailing my continued journey of managing a handmade business and all the bits of goodness that inspire and motivate me on the way. And with that announcement I must bid you goodnight and God bless.


Thursday, June 26

Simply Beautiful

I am overwhelmed by our Creator and the beauty He has made...  photo 6-26-14-1_zpsb62e2110.jpg  photo 6-26-14-7_zps6f9aa5dc.jpg  photo 6-26-14-3_zps0cb480ca.jpg  photo 6-26-14-2_zps0d97d2a4.jpg  photo 6-26-14-5_zps6018061f.jpg  photo 6-26-14-4_zps8bf92f0c.jpg  photo 6-26-14-8_zpsaef572a0.jpg  photo 6-26-14-6_zps4b735cec.jpg The weekend is nearly here. I plan to spend as much time outdoors as possible. How about you?

Wednesday, June 25

New Home Tour - Part 2 (The Bedroom)

This was the first room in our new place that we put together mostly because I always find it necessary to create a place of sanctuary and rest as quickly as possible when beginning to unpack and settle into a new home. We didn't make any new purchases to finish this space so the result is quite ecclectic, but I do find it comfortable and (bless my tolerant husband) maybe a little more feminine than we would otherwise have done had we bought things new. photo 6-25-14-7_zps4763e90d.jpg  photo 6-25-14-4_zps258ac5a5.jpg  photo 6-25-14-5_zps477671b7.jpg  photo 6-25-14-1_zps7ff0e067.jpg  photo 6-25-14-3_zpsb5924408.jpg
My sister-in-law surprised us with the scripture verse wall hanging as a sweet house warming gift the day after we moved in. I've always loved that passage and what a treat to be reminded of it every time I wake. You may remember the earring displays from this post

So there you have it. New Home Tour Part 2 complete! If you missed Part 1 you can view yesterday's post here.

Happy Wednesday all,

Tuesday, June 24

New Home Tour - Part 1 (The Living Room)

I must start by admitting I've already shared all three of these photos via instragram. So for some of you this post will be nothing new. I have however been wanting to do a home update on this blog since moving into our new place and these photos seem to tell the story best.

The living room was actually the final room to come together for us largely due to the fact that we needed to purchase a larger couch to fill the space. Unfortunately this took a bit of trial and error. We purchased one couch via the internet and had it delivered only to decide (after a week or two) that it did absolutely nothing for our space. Admitting our mistake, we rented a U-haul and made the return. The couch below was our successful second attempt. I am indeed thoroughly in love with it and so far the white hasn't been a problem (knock on wood). photo 6-24-14-1_zpsb18a7b3f.jpg You may remember the frame above the couch from this post? I truly am ashamed to admit I had that frame for eight years before finally tackling it as a project and turning it into something beautiful. But oh was it worth the wait...  photo 6-24-14-2_zps83deee9f.jpg After perusing (to no avail) the internet for an inexpensive print to fill the frame, I sat myself down to do some painting. I used curtain fabric as my canvas since I had an abundance left over from the curtains I hemmed in Jack's room. You may laugh but I can't help savoring the thrill of my resourcefulness. The paint colors are a combination of little "count-by-number" colors I just happened to have on hand and the can of white furniture paint I used to paint the frame. The cardboard backing I used was given to me free by our nearby hardware store. Aside from the bit of hardware we purchased for hanging, I didn't have to spend another penny to complete this piece of art. Now that is what I call success!

And as for the other side of the room... photo 6-24-14-3_zpse57526a6.jpg 
We found the mounted cabinet in the "as is" section of Ikea. Works perfectly for storing my piano music and has proved to be most functional. As you can plainly see, our little future musician approves. 

Happy Tuesday everyone! May it be a terrific one.

Monday, June 23

Getting Out

Here's to summer and going on lots of nature walks...  photo 6-23-14-5_zps9b4191ab.jpg  photo 6-23-14-3_zps0bd9f58f.jpg  photo 6-23-14-1_zpsdd5908ef.jpg  photo 6-23-14-2_zps2b7898a2.jpg
 Is it not the grandest time of year?