Saturday, June 22

The Beauty of Burlap

When we moved across country a year ago, my earring tree hanger was not one of the things that made the trip with us. And boy have I ever missed it. Thankfully, (a whole year later), I finally found an inexpensive way to organize and beautifully display my lovely little earring collection once again. 

I'm not sure if this idea already exists out there or not, but I gotta tell you, it works great and is so incredibly easy. photo 4_zps1abb392e.jpg 
All you need is burlap, an embroidery hoop (or two), scissors, and some pretty earrings. Simply stretch the burlap through the hoop. Tighten the hoop. Trim the excess. Hang the earrings. And viola! photo 2_zps55db647b.jpg
You have yourself some delightfully functional artwork.  photo 3_zps683785d7.jpg 
I think this could be quite adorable with colorful burlap too. And I will admit I was almost tempted to paint my frames. Maybe I still will...  photo 1_zps907da8d9.jpg What do you think? Success? How do you keep your earrings organized?

Happy first-weekend-of-summer all!
I hope it's a beautiful one for you.



  1. This is such an AWESOME project!! I love it! It's totally up my alley! I've never seen it before but I just pinned it and think that I might have to do that soon!! Love it!!!

  2. WOW! What a greeeat idea! I have burlap at home..Now I need some hoops!


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