Monday, February 13

How to Make a CD Case

Remember these handmade dvd/cd cases from awhile ago? I have finally made a tutorial for those of you who had asked for my pattern. Here is how I make them...Photobucket First, iron your fabric and fold it so right sides are facing. You'll need about 11 inches by 13 inches worth of fabric (before folding it). Cut out a paper pattern using the dimensions below: Photobucket Use the pattern as your guide for cutting your fabric to the perfect dimensions. Once the fabric is cut, pin it together. Sew around the outside with a half inch seam allowance. Don't forget to leave a two inch gap on the long side, just about an inch below the highest corner. Photobucket Tip: When you reach the corner, before turning, leave the needle down, lift the foot and turn the fabric, then place the foot back down and begin sewing the new side. Don't forget to reinforce with a backward stitch right before and right after every turn.Photobucket The photos above and below are my weak attempt at showing my corner turns. Hopefully it makes sense? Photobucket Before flipping the fabric right side out, you'll want to trim the corners with a scissors. See below... Photobucket Turn right side out. And poke out the corners using a sharp tool. Photobucket This is a good time to test for size. Use a cd to figure out how far over you want to fold the fabric. Photobucket Iron the fold and pin... Photobucket Stitch the two sides leaving an eighth of an inch seam allowance. And ta-da!Photobucket You're done! Put a cd of your favorite music in it and wrap it up for someone special. Photobucket 
If you have questions about this tutorial, please let me know via comment or email and I'll do my best to help you. Happy sewing everyone...


  1. Ok what a GREAT tutorial! My only problem is..I can't sew :) Ha!


  2. This is wonderful! I can't wait to try making one myself! Thank you so much!

  3. that would make a really great gift. i need to learn how to sew!


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