Wednesday, January 30

Another Color Choice

Does this post look familiar or what? I agree...its VERY much like my last post with a few slight changes of course...  photo 2_zps1bf2efa3.jpg
I just finished stitching up these lovely earrings over the weekend and couldn't wait any longer to share them. You can find them in my shop by clicking here. photo 1_zps788c782a.jpg Also I thought it would be fun to link up with yarn along this week. If you crochet or knit, the yarn along is a fantastic way to stay motivated to finish your beautiful projects and also gives you a chance to share what you've been reading!  photo 3_zps2de62cd1.jpg And yes, if I haven't mentioned it before, I LOVE to read. My Bible study group at church just began Beth Moore's study of David. So that's what I've been reading lately. And it's fabulous! I'd highly recommend it to anyone wanting to grow in their faith walk with God. 

Happy Wednesday everyone.


Friday, January 25

Earrings on Etsy

Well I'm a week late, but I did finally add a new item to my shop this morning! I'm loving these earrings and hope to make them in many fun colors...  photo 1_zps004edbfe.jpg 
For starters, they're available in sea green...  photo 3_zps67161092.jpg Simple. Lovely. Versatile. 

You can find them here.

Friday, January 18

Somethin' Fishy...

Let me just begin by saying this was not my idea... photo 4_zps7c452110.jpg That's right, I was inspired by an incredibly creative and gifted lady when she wrote this post about designing a room for her girls on a budget! You must go check it out. I guarantee you'll be amazed.  photo 3_zps4e516081.jpg Anywho... Back to my fishy mobile. It really is easy as pie. All you need is paper, a black magic marker, twine, buttons, a hole puncher, and a hot glue gun.  photo 5_zps45d3fc00.jpg You can find the fish origami pattern here.  photo 6_zps6a777a49.jpg Just fold 'em. Add a black dot for an eye. Hole punch 'em. Add some twine. Tie 'em around buttons. Glue them to the ceiling and ta da!  photo 1_zps55f79fc5.jpg
Be warned, the buttons do not remove easily from the ceiling but it's a small price to pay for such a colorful view! photo 2_zps5ce9dab0.jpg
To Jack. From Mommy. I love you.

Monday, January 14

Blanket for Baby

This might just be my favorite creation to date! Jack's baby blanket... Photobucket 
 I finished this before his birth but never had the opportunity to photograph it decently until today. In fact, today was the first day we actually used the blanket for the specific purpose of keeping Jack warm. Photobucket 
Most days we keep it draped over his little sleeping basket just for show. The blanket is rather large. My hope is that it will one day fit on his big boy bed...Photobucket 
I crocheted a total of sixty-three squares (nine by seven). And stitched them together with soft white yarn. And even though the squares appear to be placed without a great deal of strategy, I actually spent quite a few hours laying them out "randomly." Photobucket Sometimes random is best wouldn't you agree? Photobucket And speaking of random, here's a little self portrait of the photographer. If you like my hat you can purchase one here. It's listed as a cream hat, but if you prefer the peacock color just leave me a note with your etsy order and I'll customize!

P.S.  I'll be adding a new item to my shop this week. Been working on it between feedings and diaper changes. And I'm telling you this now to keep me accountable. Can't wait to share... 

Happy Monday everyone!

Tuesday, January 8

Thank You In Polaroids

A friend surprised me with the sweetest little box of gifts this week. I was so blessed by it I just have to share a few pics. Photobucket 
All the items she sent are wonderfully artsy, handmade, and organic. Love this hand-embroidered card and beautiful glass heart... Photobucket This hand-knit finger puppet made by Peruvian mothers living in poverty. You can find more of their lovely little creations here.Photobucket Love this soap bar she sent for baby Jack. She also sent a honey-scented one for the adults in our house... Photobucket Love this soothing meditation balm and baby bath...Photobucket And this adorable little heart ornament which I'm about to add to our tiny Christmas tree. And yes, our Christmas tree is still up and will probably be up until February. Can't quite bring myself to say goodbye...

Thank you Jenni for the gifts and for making my day brighter!

Thursday, January 3

Happy New Year Goals

As I savor each sleepy moment of being a new parent, I've been thinking of what I'd like to accomplish in this brand new year.
 These are some of my goals for 2013 and hopefully they give you an idea of what you'll find on this blog of mine in the days to come.

1. Bible reading and prayer time in the mornings.
2. Find an area to serve in at church and get involved.
3. Post new items to my shop each Wednesday.
4. Blog at least twice each week.
5. Eat more fresh produce in place of processed foods.
6. Exercise daily.
7. Drink lots of water.
8. Read a book a month on parenting.
9. Photograph Jack each month and print one favorite for his first year album.
10. Go on dates with my hubby each week.

Have you set some goals for your year? I'd love to hear what you're planning!Photobucket Happy Thursday everyone. I'm off to enjoy the company of this little man.