Monday, November 29

More Piano...

My project this weekend was to analyze the first movement of the Beethoven Sonata No. 23...and I'm finally done!  Power Point and all.  If you're feeling bad cause you haven't made time for such an analysis project, please be encouraged by the fact that I did it as a required assignment for school, not out of the goodness or inspiration of my heart. 

I've written very little this month and it seems life is moving by so quickly I've had little time to step back and play the role of commentator.  So, to keep you all updated, I'm going to post another youtube video that shows what I'm supposed to be spending all my time on: Beethoven's Appassionata Sonata, Movement 1.  It's a monster... 

Tuesday, November 9

Day Four: Quiet But Fast

I'm working on Beethoven's Appassionata Sonata in F minor, Op. 57, currently focusing on the last movement, and trying desperately to play the opening sixteenths softly while keeping my tempo allegro. As a practice technique I've been warming up with four-octave scales played as softly as possible. I'm discovering the occasionally accented note with my thumbs consistently being at fault. When I transport the soft playing from my warm-up to my repertoire I find the same problem - clumsy thumbs. I'll keep you posted on what new techniques I discover that bring me the success I desire. If you've never heard the piece, have a listen. It's one of my favorites!

Sunday, November 7

Day Two: Sunday

I was just recently married and am learning oodles about being a wife. My problem is I want to control everything. I'm realizing this more and more. I want the kitchen clean, the laundry done, the house in order. I want my meals to be creative, beautiful, and timely. I want (neeeeeed) all my ducks in a row, and then I can relax. Unfortunately there never seems to come a time when everything is exactly as it should be. So I'm crabby more often than I'm relaxed which can't be a particularly attractive feature. But I'm learning... and James, my dear sweet husband, still loves me somehow.  

To follow through on some of my ideas from yesterday, I want to document my piano practicing. In all honesty, I haven't touched the piano at all today or yesterday and as a classical musician this is the cardinal sin. Maybe tonight?

Tomorrow begins my week of exercise. I'm excited...

Saturday, November 6

Day One: Seeking Inspiration

So far so good. I have a title and we'll see what happens next in this world of blogging of which I have so much to learn...