Sunday, April 17

So I Sewed and...

I finished it: a very plain and very comfy light bluish grayish shirt!!! Thanks to Mikalah from Posy the Porcelain Pig for all the inspiring project posts on fashion. And also to my dearest sister Candace from Curlly Willow who blogged on this very topic not so many blogs ago.

And now on to my little sewing story: I started this very plain and very comfy light bluish grayish shirt project waaaayyyyy back in January? February? Not sure anymore. And I had very good intentions but no follow through.

I thought with all the dreary weather lately, I might as well put the "indoor" time to good use so back to my good intentions I went. It wasn't easy or fun at first. I got fed up with the pattern about halfway through (mostly because I couldn't find steps 3 and 4). And also because the "recipe" called for puffed sleeves and I didn't want puffed sleeves at which point I took my scissors and improvised.

I had a lot more fun when finally I decided to wing it and hope for the best. Following of course a few guidelines from steps 1 2 and 5...! I'm not so sure this sewing thing is going to be my cup of tea because my patience runs a wee bit (short? thin?) most days but I'm not quitting yet. Maybe just maybe next time I will pick a more interesting fabric, throw the pattern altogether out the window, and have a lot more fun from start to finish. I'll let you know. In the mean time. What do you think?