Friday, June 29

Blue is for Boy

And a little green and ivory never hurt anybody. Photobucket That's right folks, we're having a boy. Photobucket These little slippers are his first handmade gift from me... ah, so sweet...Photobucket
I'm loving the green soles...Photobucket
And the tiny-ness.Photobucket Happy news for a happy Friday. Enjoy your weekend everyone!

Thursday, June 28

Big News and a Little Bump

Wow, it's been over two months with no updates. I hope you'll welcome me back and the new little addition that is now with me wherever I go... Photobucket Yes, we are 15 weeks and two days pregnant! I am finally beginning to feel a bit more like myself with the added bonus of a baby on the way... Photobucket The best part? We already know what we're having! But that big news will have to wait til tomorrow. I'm working on some adorable little baby slippers to illustrate the big reveal. Any guesses while you wait?