Friday, May 16

A Day of Simple Delights

There is just something about a cozy colorful sweater and a cup of coffee in hand...
 photo Sweater1_zps70027b5d.jpg photo Sweater2_zps6d67bda7.jpg 
Not to mention swinging with my dear sweet boy on my lap. I am truly blessed!

"You have let me experience the joys of life and the exquisite pleasures of Your own eternal presence."  Psalm 16:11 (TLB)

Tuesday, May 13

Back at Last

I've been toying with thoughts of remaking my blog. Sadly every time I begin I immediately realize I do not have the time for such an overhaul no matter how FUN it would inevitably be. So for now this design and layout are here to stay. And I promise to pop in as often as possible to share bits and pieces of creativity... 

Such as this to-die-for frame I stole from Goodwill for $7.99. It has been sleeping in storage for far too long and was ready to be awakened with five coats of fresh white paint! photo 3_zps40b76bd7.jpg 
I would imagine the ornate details of the frame might truly pop in any color but I always try to use what I have on hand, so white I went... photo 1_zps5d752111.jpg 
Seriously. The result is so pleasing I could stand and look at it for hours.  photo 4_zps2fe04f7d.jpg Only to take breaks as I search for the perfect piece of art to showcase this beauty of a frame. That's a little backwards I admit. Kinda like buying a dress to fit the shoes. (And yes I'm pretty sure I've done that also).

Oh blogging how I've missed you.

It's a happy thing to be back!