Wednesday, February 8

Goodbye Couch. Goodbye...

Tonight we said goodbye to our sectional sofa. Our buyer wasn't going to come until Friday, but I think he got so excited to take the couch that he made a big effort to get a truck so he could come pick it up tonight.

So we are saying goodbye to a couch that has served our living space quite well this last year and a half. It will be missed but someday perhaps we will purchase another...

I think one of the hardest things to give up will be our piano. It was the first piano I ever owned personally and it is beautiful. I am comforting myself with the knowledge that my next piano will have better sound quality. I am just extremely thankful that someone is willing to come and do the work to move it. It's so super heavy. Requires five strong men and a piano trolley and lots and lots of effort.

But look how pretty... Photobucket Photobucket 
Ah how I will miss thee... Photobucket
Happy middle of the week everyone. I hope your day has been blessed!


  1. Happy Wed! And sorry you're letting your piano go... I would love a piano but have no idea how to play.. Sad... Do you think it's too late to learn? Maybe I'll teach myself.. That would be wonderful... Maybe maybe...
    Janette the Jongleur

  2. good work sis. and yes, I am sure you will have another couch someday. and another piano. both probably even better than the last! and you have these beautiful pics and the lovely memories. and after all they are just 'things' right? people are so much more dear! love you.

  3. I know how hard it must be to let things like that go. When do you leave? And to where are you going?

  4. Awe, I'm sorry you have to leave your piano! But buying a better quality one will be fun! ;) I say, leave a note in it saying how loved it was ;p!

    Hugs and happy Friday!


  5. Oh sweet, cute post; why do you have to say goodbye to your piano hon?
    Will you be getting a replacement sofa?

  6. Well I know all too well what moving is like so let me know if you ever need to vent about it! I hope your move goes well. I think it's smart that you are selling what you can. I couldn't bear to sell our stuff as we had gotten it to recently and I was still too attached. Now it depressing seeing it all sit in storage! Good luck! Can't wait to hear what's next for you!

  7. My heart broke a little at your having to get rid of the piano. I understand that somethings are meant to be let go of and am sure a more beautiful instrument is in your future. :-)


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