Tuesday, February 7

Sentimental Yet Hopeful

We are moving. In two weeks we are leaving Minnesota. To where? Don't worry, I will tell you soon...

My job the last few days has been to sell the things we won't be taking with us. Our kitchen table... Photobucket Our bookcases. Even our books on the bookcases. Did you know that if you type in a book's isbn number on BookScouter.com, you can find the best buyer for that book? Once you select your buyer, you're even given a shipping label to print off for free shipping. It's really the coolest thing. The most challenging part is finding the perfect-sized box.Photobucket
We were able to make a little money selling many of our books, and the others we simply donated to the library. I love books, but they are not an easy item to move so I am thankful to have them passed on to the next person.Photobucket
It is unbelievably hard saying goodbye to some things. We're downsizing with the intent of starting fresh. I'm working on letting go of sentimental feelings and opening my heart to whatever it is that God has in store for us. Photobucket 
Of course the toughest goodbyes are yet to come. I am going to miss my family. Nevertheless, it is time to spread our wings... 

If you think of me, please say a prayer for strength and courage to press forward.



  1. God's blessings on you and James. I'm sure He has something great in store for you! We will miss seeing you, though. Keeping you in prayer as you make this transition.

  2. We are definitely praying for you guys. It is such an exciting time!

  3. Hi Courtney!

    I'm glad I stumbled upon your blog. The clock above is exquisite. Good luck on the new adventure! :)

  4. Simplifying can be so freeing, thanks for sharing that website! Prayers for you both during this time of change and transition!

  5. I will be thinking of you sweet girl! Let me know if you need anything! I am excited to watch you on this journey, simplifying is good for the soul!

  6. Good luck on your move! I hope things go as smoothly as they can!

  7. What an exciting time! I know it has to be really challenging moving and shedding some layers, but I bet you have an adventure waiting for you on the other side. Plus, the great thing about family is that they will always be there to visit. Skype is also a Godsend.

  8. Oh, I so understand what you guys are going through right now! But there's no need to be sad, great times are coming! ;D

    All the best of luck!


  9. YOU are in MINNESOTA??? HON SO AM I! Did we talk about this already, b/c we need to meet before you move in a couple of weeks, deal?! I'm freakin out over here!!!


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