Wednesday, June 25

New Home Tour - Part 2 (The Bedroom)

This was the first room in our new place that we put together mostly because I always find it necessary to create a place of sanctuary and rest as quickly as possible when beginning to unpack and settle into a new home. We didn't make any new purchases to finish this space so the result is quite ecclectic, but I do find it comfortable and (bless my tolerant husband) maybe a little more feminine than we would otherwise have done had we bought things new. photo 6-25-14-7_zps4763e90d.jpg  photo 6-25-14-4_zps258ac5a5.jpg  photo 6-25-14-5_zps477671b7.jpg  photo 6-25-14-1_zps7ff0e067.jpg  photo 6-25-14-3_zpsb5924408.jpg
My sister-in-law surprised us with the scripture verse wall hanging as a sweet house warming gift the day after we moved in. I've always loved that passage and what a treat to be reminded of it every time I wake. You may remember the earring displays from this post

So there you have it. New Home Tour Part 2 complete! If you missed Part 1 you can view yesterday's post here.

Happy Wednesday all,

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