Thursday, June 26

Simply Beautiful

I am overwhelmed by our Creator and the beauty He has made...  photo 6-26-14-1_zpsb62e2110.jpg  photo 6-26-14-7_zps6f9aa5dc.jpg  photo 6-26-14-3_zps0cb480ca.jpg  photo 6-26-14-2_zps0d97d2a4.jpg  photo 6-26-14-5_zps6018061f.jpg  photo 6-26-14-4_zps8bf92f0c.jpg  photo 6-26-14-8_zpsaef572a0.jpg  photo 6-26-14-6_zps4b735cec.jpg The weekend is nearly here. I plan to spend as much time outdoors as possible. How about you?


  1. Such beautiful images! I agree, I love spending time outside and just admiring the beauty of God's creation. Hope you have a lovely weekend, friend!

  2. What beauty surrounds us! I've never been fond of the outdoors though, due to severe allergies! But since I'm more sensitive in the fall, I think I'll try to get out some time this week. Thanks for the inspiration.

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