Thursday, March 28

Thursday, Verse Day 3

Time for Thursday, Verse Day... a new favorite of mine. As I do my devotional time each morning (sometimes evening), I'm always looking for a verse to grab me. One that urges me to share. After my devotional time this morning, I still hadn't found that one. So I prayed... As I prayed I did what we are taught never to do while praying. I peeked. My eyes rested on the Bible in my lap...

Happy is that people, that is in such a case: yea, happy is that people, whose God is the LORD.
Psalm 144:15

Maybe it's ok to peek after all. Today I am "feeling" the truth of this verse. Some days I "know" that it is true but don't entirely "feel" it. Those days if I'm honest are usually characterized by self-absorbance. However, God is still Lord! I've just forgotten to dwell on it. And that blessed happiness He offers is not as present as it could be.

So today I am dwelling on it. God is LORD. I am His people.  photo 1_zpsf8aebaa9.jpg 
Are you His people? Is He your Lord?

Happy Thursday, Verse Day all. I hope for you it's a day filled with happiness. 


  1. Thanks for the verse! It is comforting. I am going through a hard time with something and I keep trying to make a plan, but I know I want to follow HIS plan...but how do I plan for that?! :)I know if I trust in Him it will work out, because he is my Lord!

  2. Love this Courtney! I miss you!! Now that I'm not sick anymore (finally!) I want to meet your little man :) I'll call yo soon. Hope all is well!

  3. An amazing verse and one that I am very familiar with...Last night I read Proverbs 18.. And the whole thing just kicked my butt Courtney! Im serious! it was crazy! I was so humbled and convicted and encouraged and.. just everrrrything! i highly recommend it!


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