Wednesday, March 27

New Item Wednesday

I'm super excited to share this new shop item with all of you. For those who are eagerly awaiting warmer weather and can't wait to get past the final chills of winter. This cowl is meant for you. Something beautiful and cheerful to get you through those last painfully cold days with a smile. photo 1_zpsdf3f59d0.jpg 
You can see more photos and place your orders here. Happy New Item Wednesday everybody. 

Hope this week is finding you blessed.


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  1. that's gorgeous, Courtney! I wish I had the patience to sit and create stuff like this. I do know how to knit, but feel so unmotivated on my own. When my sisters were all home at Christmas, we ALL knitted together all the time :) It feels lonely doing it without them.

  2. so pretty. Hopefully we are getting past all this cold weather but every time I say that it seems to roll through again. :D Thanks for sharing.


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