Monday, March 25

Breakfast at Courtney's

It's that time again. Breakfast at Courtney's. I started this series last week (you may remember) as a way to motivate myself to eat a variety of healthy meals each morning. No more monotonous cereal for this girl.

This week's noteworthy breakfast?  
Avocado Egg & Onion on Toast  photo 1_zpse8fa4a27.jpg 
My new least favorite. I know you're all thinking you could've told me that before I even started prepping. Who puts mashed avocado with scrambled eggs and onion? I was going to add tomatoes. But they were a bit wilted.  photo 1_zps3b583aa0.jpg 
Pretty sure tomatoes wouldn't have changed my mind about this dish anyway.

 (Side note: I apologize if avocados eggs and onion on toast just happen to be one of your favorite combos).

In all fairness, it wasn't the worst thing I've ever eaten. And it was a healthy choice. And it did use up the ingredients I had in my fridge that needed using. So I could almost call it a success.

Thanks for stopping by for Breakfast at Courtney's

I hope you'll come again next Monday.

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  1. I like avocado on egg. :) But I usually cook the onion and just slice the avocado on top.


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