Tuesday, March 12

Sneak Peek...Coming Soon

I'm excited to announce that the next few weeks I'll be adding baby-sized crocheted items to my shop inventory!

Here's a sneak peek at my children's collection.  photo 1_zps6cc95e35.jpg Darling hats for darling heads...  photo 2_zps5a6ca508.jpg Cozy slippers for cute little toes... 
  photo 1_zpsbf333e3a.jpg 
 I have to admit, the slippers are one of my favorite designs to date. I created them originally in green and blue for my sweet little Jack (You may remember this post?), but will have them available in a variety of color options for both boys and girls.

Do stay tuned. These will be coming soon!


  1. you've been busy, really really cute!!!

  2. Hi sunny girl,
    Love the little shoes for babies. Colorful and warm; perfect for every mother's newborn :)
    I'm taking a writing class in my town. My instructor, Miriam, says she doesn't care what we write, 'Just write. The story will flesh itself out as you write.' Seeing your productivity each week is a bit like what Miriam says, as you weekly thread out new crafts. It's positive inspiration Miss Courtney!
    Talk to you soon!

    1. Jenni that is so encouraging to hear. Some weeks I feel like I make so little progress. But I do my best to keep at it.

      p.s. How fun that you're taking a writing class! I'll have to follow up with you and see how you like it. Enjoy dear friend!


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