Wednesday, October 30

New Item Wednesday

I've been enjoying soft gray hues this season which will explain why I'm adding yet another gray-toned item to my shop this week... photo blog2_zps0e6f9986.jpg 
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Happy New Item Wednesday all!

Monday, October 28

The Importance of Setting Goals

I'm popping in today to share some thoughts on goal setting. Day to day goals. Super practical. Super attainable. Super life changing. I am a strong believer in redeeming the time. This isn't to say that rest and relaxation get thrown out the window. In fact, sometimes rest and relaxation might be the only two goals I set for a given day.  photo 1_zps78fdc116.jpg 
Here is what I've found works well for me. I try to have a date with my planner either in the evening right before bed or in the afternoon after I finish my devotions (If baby's nap allows it). I spend a little time thinking about the things I want to be intentional about: being a wife, a mother, a shop owner. These are the three missions God has currently blessed me with. My goals then come when I ask myself how I can be more God honoring in each of these areas. How can I reflect the character of my heavenly Father and pour love into these three outlets? 

My goals really end up looking like a to-do list, but an inspired one. Each item having a deeper purpose behind it. Getting groceries is no longer just getting groceries. It's a mission to have on hand the ingredients I need to have a meal ready for my man when he gets home from work. This is something my hubby greatly appreciates and it is one way for me to show him I love him and am grateful for him and his hard work. A trip to the library becomes a treasure hunt for fun children's books, little gems that bring joy and a smile to my sweet son's face when we read together.

I make my list and the next day I follow it, using my time to invest in my family and my work. Praising God for His kindness and another day to honor Him with all He's given me.

Happy Monday dear reader.


Wednesday, October 23

New Item Wednesday

If you're a fan of neutral tones, this cowl might just be your new favorite!  photo blog1_zpsb6402bdf.jpg Now available in the shop. Get one for yourself or for a friend! You really can't go wrong with a versatile color like this one. 

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Happy New Item Wednesday everyone!

Sunday, October 20

Out With the Old, In With the New

You may remember this beauty from this post? photo 5_zps26f27eac.jpg Well it seems this week is the week to say my goodbyes. The replacement oven, stove top and hood are being installed on Tuesday.  photo 3_zps1385cb7e.jpg 
It'll be nice to have things looking fresh and pristine and to know I can bake my food according to recipe instructions and all will be well...  photo 1_zpsc1b9d148.jpg 
The down side is I was just beginning to get used to setting the temp 25 to 50 degrees cooler than instructed.  photo 4_zpsda1305b5.jpg 
In fact I'm pretty sure I burned the first batch of these delicious peanut butter cookies figuring that out! Oops! Definitely not a first for me... though it is nice to be able to blame it on an ancient oven.

I guess I'm going to miss this dear old appliance for more than just her looks after all. Seriously, isn't the door decal the cutest?
 photo 2_zpsc17f2391.jpg 
Happy Sunday all,

Wednesday, October 16

New Item Wednesday

And done! I always get excited to share what's new in the shop so you can imagine my joy when I finish each new addition (photos, posting and all). It's really a treat to do what I do! But without further ado here is a peek at this week's added delight... photo blog1_zps5718394a.jpg 
To see more photos or place an order visit The Velvetleaf Boutique. And now off I go to do some relaxing while my baby is sleeping. Cozy blanket, cup of tea, book in hand...

Happy New Item Wednesday everyone!

Monday, October 14

How To Stay On Top of the Pile

 photo 1_zps4ca2ff8e.jpg
image source
I don't know about you, but in our home laundry seems to add up quickly. After three years of marriage and too many days of "catch up" doing 10 plus loads at once, I've finally landed on a little system that so far has proven quite handy! Here are my tips...

1. Invest in a laundry hamper that has sections. Walmart has some great options you can view here. I warn you, they aren't nearly as pretty as the photo above but they'll do the trick and cost you much less.

2. Sort your laundry as it gets dirty by placing each item in its designated section of the hamper: darks, lights, whites, towels. This saves you on the sorting time later.
Note: Having an additional section for hand washed items is helpful.

3. Clean out one section of your hamper per week day. Just one. You may be tempted to do more but remember it is essential that you fold everything you wash and put it away the same day, so sticking with one hamper section is key. Usually this will equal one full load. However, it may end up being two or three plus loads if you have a larger family.

4. Write your laundry schedule in your planner. I do this because I'm nerdy and it feels fun to check it off at the end of each day. My weekly laundry plan looks like this...

Monday - hand wash
Tuesday - lights
Wednesday - whites
Thursday - darks
Friday - towels
5. If you don't have a full load when the designated day comes along, you've earned yourself a laundry-free week day!!! Enjoy...

This is what works for me in this stage of my life. I find it totally manageable and even a little bit enjoyable. Plus it leaves my Saturdays and Sundays free to spend with my hubby and son. And I find myself much happier Sunday morning when everything we need for church is fresh and ready for wear. 

Have you developed a system that works well for you? I'd love to hear it!

Wednesday, October 9

Lemongrass Green

Wow is it Wednesday again already? Now I understand how it is that with the blink of my eyes my little boy is almost 10 months old! Weeks go by incredibly fast I tell you.

Anyhow, today is indeed Wednesday. And here is my newest addition to the shop. You've seen it before but never in this color which just happens to be my favorite hue at the moment. Lemongrass green... photo Blog1_zps1b43d7a5.jpg Check out more photos and other shop content here.

Hope you are enjoying your week. Off I go to tackle some curtain hemming. 


Tuesday, October 8

Work With What You Got

I essentially have one simple thought to share today which I already gave away in my title. "Work with what you got!" There always seems to be something we feel we lack in whether it's time, money, talent, intelligence, beauty, possessions, clothing, jewelry, shoes, you name it. But more often than not, we have plenty on-hand to create something fun! And that is what today's outfit post is about. Nothing new or overly fancy. Just me using the things I had on hand to put together something fun to wear.  photo 7_zpsa986f759.jpg  photo 4_zpsfef7d7d4.jpg  photo 6_zps450d2bf2.jpg  photo 5_zps8b76a03d.jpg  photo 1_zps07cacdd7.jpg Earrings - Thrifted
Wallet/Purse - Gift from my sister-in-law (Thank you Brittany!)
Necklace - Handmade (by my sister)
Blouse - Anthropologie 
Dress - Target
Jeans - Papaya
Boots - Shi Shoes

Pssst, forgive the battered nail polish. Time to redo those was something I didn't have. (wink wink)

Happy Tuesday all!

Monday, October 7

Taking a Hike

 photo 7_zpsb5b2b289.jpg  photo 3_zps6313bd08.jpg  photo 2_zps31f5972e.jpg  photo 4_zps8bf22c83.jpg  photo 2_zpsb6bd668a.jpg
I've been posting a lot about all the hiking that's been going on around here, but I can't help it. Taking pictures, breathing in fresh air, and getting exercise? Doesn't get much better than that. These were taken over the weekend but we loved this trail so much we just had to go again tonight. God's creation is truly remarkable. 

Hoping you all have had an enjoyable Monday.


Saturday, October 5

To God Be the Glory

 photo 1_zps97a9d747.jpg
Thou art worthy, O Lord, to receive glory and honour and power: for thou hast created all things, and for thy pleasure they are and were created. 
Revelation 4:11

Wednesday, October 2

Cozy Frenzy Everyone

And here they are ready and waiting to make your cup of tea even more lovely than it already is. Mug cozies in six different color options! photo 1_zpsf1c2e2e0.jpg Which one is your favorite?  photo 1blog_zpsb2b33c2b.jpg 
See more photos here

Happy New Item Wednesday!

Tuesday, October 1

Forest Hike & Some Future Plans

 photo 8_zps6733bea0.jpg  photo 7_zps49820170.jpg  photo 3_zps069c7a9f.jpg  photo 4_zps8eccce74.jpg  photo 1_zps5263b475.jpg  photo 2_zps09d545f1.jpg  photo 5_zps7656dbd1.jpg  photo 6_zps1c719d83.jpg 
It was my hubby's birthday last Friday so we spent a wonderful afternoon outdoors as a family hiking, picnicing and exploring. We really couldn't have asked for a better day. Beautiful.

My sweet little love just went down for his nap so off I go to get some crocheting done. The plan is to create an abundance of items for a flea market stand hopefully sometime in November. My hubby's idea. Love that man! 

 Happy Tuesday to you my dear reader. Hope this week is finding you blessed...

p.s. Don't forget to drop by tomorrow to see what's new in the shop. Wednesdays seem to come so fast!