Tuesday, October 8

Work With What You Got

I essentially have one simple thought to share today which I already gave away in my title. "Work with what you got!" There always seems to be something we feel we lack in whether it's time, money, talent, intelligence, beauty, possessions, clothing, jewelry, shoes, you name it. But more often than not, we have plenty on-hand to create something fun! And that is what today's outfit post is about. Nothing new or overly fancy. Just me using the things I had on hand to put together something fun to wear.  photo 7_zpsa986f759.jpg  photo 4_zpsfef7d7d4.jpg  photo 6_zps450d2bf2.jpg  photo 5_zps8b76a03d.jpg  photo 1_zps07cacdd7.jpg Earrings - Thrifted
Wallet/Purse - Gift from my sister-in-law (Thank you Brittany!)
Necklace - Handmade (by my sister)
Blouse - Anthropologie 
Dress - Target
Jeans - Papaya
Boots - Shi Shoes

Pssst, forgive the battered nail polish. Time to redo those was something I didn't have. (wink wink)

Happy Tuesday all!


  1. beautiful blouse! I LOVE that mustard color and the floral embellishment is so feminine!

  2. You are so right. I get caught up in envy sometimes and I forget that I already have so much. An important lesson to learn

  3. You look beautiful! And I totally agree. There's so much about "wanting" this or that in the blog world, and so it was refreshing to read this! And your baby room in the background is so sweet :)

  4. This outfit is so perfect! I LOVE that Anthro shirt. You have such great style!


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