Tuesday, September 10

Getting Settled - Home Tour

There are so many things about our new home that I love. I say that with so much gratitude knowing the context of how we found this apartment. It was stressful and it was down to the wire. We said one of those emergency prayers every day the final week of our search. We didn't know until the Monday before our Saturday move that we had indeed found our home. photo 1_zpsaff3165a.jpg God is good! After losing out on a few favorite apartments we now realize God had something better in store. Here's a little tour of things as we get them put into place. Last night we organized James' desk. More about that gray and yellow popsicle stick holder in a future post... photo 6_zps948bc5a5.jpg
Ah yes, we buy way too many things at Ikea, it's true. Should probably switch that up a bit. photo 7_zps0b1ca4ab.jpg
In my attempt to work with what we had, I decided to stencil paint my gray curtains. It took me til about a third of the way through to admit to not really liking the result.  photo 8_zpsb985bfca.jpg They look alright in these photos with the sunlight streaming through but the bigger picture isn't so pretty I don't think. Especially in the evening. I feel they came out looking very hand painted. And not in a good way.  photo 3_zps42193c01.jpg
I love all the natural light that comes in and my iddy biddy couch where I sit to crochet.  photo 5_zpsafc26072.jpg
Yes that's right the bookcase is nearly empty. Jack was having a hay day pulling books from that second shelf and throwing them on the floor. I finally got smart and hid them away in a cupboard. It's tough to continually say no to a face like this.  photo 1_zps5c8e3561.jpg This chair is one of my favorite pieces of furniture. We found it on clearance at Target last year and every time I look at it I feel modern and hip. Silly but true. The side table is a thrift store find I've been meaning to paint a fun color. Eventually.  photo 4_zps6009a22f.jpg 
By far my favorite detail about our entire apartment is our vintage oven and stove top. Seriously how cute is this?  photo 2_zps182f4227.jpg Unfortunately the maintenance man today said they are going to be replacing them. It is bittersweet for me. I love how they look but I will admit they do not work as well as they probably ought.  photo 1_zps0c69c7c1.jpg 
At least I have photos. 

That's all for now folks. I'll have to get to the bedroom and bathroom another day...Happy Tuesday all!


  1. Happy homecoming to you dear Courtney! Your home looks so beautiful, full of light and life, and those that you love. I'm so happy for you guys!!!! Thinking of you :)

  2. such a cute place! you're so chic. can't wait to see the rest of your place.

  3. Ooohh...congrats on your new home, Courtney!

    1. Thank you Bobbie! And thanks for dropping by:) and following too!


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