Monday, September 9

Special Announcement

As many of you know, I love to crochet. So much! With all the changes the past year has brought I had to slow down my output a bit. I comforted myself with the fact that the majority of the things I make are a wee bit seasonal.  Yarn is warm and cozy and not usually the thing people want to wear when the sun is beating down... photo 1_zps5aff86c8.jpg 
It's much more suited for the fall. And yarn and winter are most certainly a match made in heaven. I am originally from Minnesota and know that feeling of summer slipping away and winter fast approaching. It can be a dreary transition. But not anything a beautiful new scarf or darling pair of mittens can't cheer.   photo ShopHeaderforBlogAnnouncements_zpsddbf63b4.jpg 
And that is why I'm back at work stitching away, photographing, and getting ready to reboot my shop. Mark your calendar for Monday, September 16th and plan a little shopping spree at The Velvetleaf Boutique to get you ready for this year's chilly season! 

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  1. I'm sooo ready for Fall and Winter! I have two new jackets I'm dying to wear! Hurry up cold weather! And best of luck on your relaunch friend!


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