Monday, October 28

The Importance of Setting Goals

I'm popping in today to share some thoughts on goal setting. Day to day goals. Super practical. Super attainable. Super life changing. I am a strong believer in redeeming the time. This isn't to say that rest and relaxation get thrown out the window. In fact, sometimes rest and relaxation might be the only two goals I set for a given day.  photo 1_zps78fdc116.jpg 
Here is what I've found works well for me. I try to have a date with my planner either in the evening right before bed or in the afternoon after I finish my devotions (If baby's nap allows it). I spend a little time thinking about the things I want to be intentional about: being a wife, a mother, a shop owner. These are the three missions God has currently blessed me with. My goals then come when I ask myself how I can be more God honoring in each of these areas. How can I reflect the character of my heavenly Father and pour love into these three outlets? 

My goals really end up looking like a to-do list, but an inspired one. Each item having a deeper purpose behind it. Getting groceries is no longer just getting groceries. It's a mission to have on hand the ingredients I need to have a meal ready for my man when he gets home from work. This is something my hubby greatly appreciates and it is one way for me to show him I love him and am grateful for him and his hard work. A trip to the library becomes a treasure hunt for fun children's books, little gems that bring joy and a smile to my sweet son's face when we read together.

I make my list and the next day I follow it, using my time to invest in my family and my work. Praising God for His kindness and another day to honor Him with all He's given me.

Happy Monday dear reader.



  1. "My goals really end up looking like a to-do list, but an inspired one" -- best piece of advice I have heard in a while. Such a great reminder of how we value our day to day activities. It gives the mundane things purpose.

    Thank you for sharing :)

    Sam //

  2. I love this! I've come out of a couple of rather un-inspired weeks, and I really needed to hear this. =) Thanks for sharing, lovely friend!

  3. This is GREAT! I love the thought behind it, and your heart. You are beautiful.


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