Friday, April 5

Which Way Would You Wear It?

Do you own a cowl scarf that can be worn two different ways?
 photo 1_zps2b26c301.jpg Single wrapped?  photo 1_zpsd2210d6c.jpg
Or double wrapped?  photo 1_zps32410f81.jpg  photo 3_zps674a52d4.jpg  photo 2_zps3c21c26c.jpg Which way do you wear yours? And which way do you like better here? 

I'm working on styling items that are currently in my shop. It's really such fun! Interestingly enough, I felt put together before taking these photos, but now that I look at them I feel the outfit is missing something. Or several somethings? Amazing how a photo offers a different perspective. 

What do you think is missing? A belt maybe? Or long sweater? Or maybe a light jacket? Shoes of course, though you can't see that I'm barefoot here. Just couldn't resist the warm sun on my toes.


  1. i like double b/c i am always cold lol. love the look!

  2. A pair of big, statement earrings! =D


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