Monday, April 8

Breakfast at Courtney's

It's Monday which means I get to welcome you again to Breakfast at Courtney's... photo 3_zpsfeb517d0.jpg
Such a beautiful morning for this delicious family breakfast. Open windows, cool breezes, Scripture, worship hymns, birds singing along. photo 5_zpsc23a6788.jpg
I shared tea and conversation with my man while we ate Toasted English Muffins with Coconut Oil & Sliced Strawberries On Top.  photo 4_zpsda13d239.jpg
I would share the recipe but I think you get the idea. It's all in the title baby!  photo 2_zpsb35320c1.jpg Today I find myself counting an abundance of blessings from my Heavenly Father. God is so very good. His mercies are indeed new every morning. Great is His faithfulness.  photo 1_zpsb75ca3f5.jpg
Mug - Target
Plate - Ikea 
Bible - Barnes & Noble
Coaster - The Velvetleaf Boutique
Food - Vons

Thanks for dropping by dear friend.



  1. I have the same exact mug! I love it so much. =) It's fun to know that my sister-in-Christ is sipping from the same mug a handful of states away!

  2. That breakfast looks so beautiful, and even richer with the same hued Bible; I so enjoy your images you share. Hope you and James so enjoyed your time together this morning, quietly praising of all your shared blessings. :) Enjoy your week Courtney!

    1. Thanks dear girl! Hope you enjoyed your week too Jenni! :)


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