Tuesday, February 21

Time Away...

Cupboards, drawers, and closets around here are starting to look awfully bare as we continue packing for our move across states...Photobucket There is lots to do and my stress is mounting. Remembering God's presence and peace is essential to speaking kindly when inside I feel a wee bit frantic. Excited of course, but yes a wee bit frantic.Photobucket 
I wanted to just poke my head in quick and say that I'll be away from this little blog of mine for a bit until we get resettled. I hope you won't forget about me. I've met so many wonderful women through this blog and am thankful for every single one of you who have read and commented and encouraged me in this sometimes intimidating but always invigorating blogging world. 

Thank you especially to Gina from Contemplating Beauty for spontaneously meeting for coffee last week! She is the first blogger I've met in person (without knowing her before blogging) and needless to say, it was quite a treat. If you haven't yet visited her lovely blog, you should, you'll love her... Photobucket Here we are together at one of my favorite coffee shops. How fun is that!

 Well dear ones, this is farewell for just a bit. Don't worry... I'll be back. I will miss you while I'm away. 

Lots of love, Courtney

Monday, February 13

A Special Headband for a Special Lady

You'll have to forgive the poor lighting in these pictures. I finished this adorable little headband just tonight and couldn't wait til daylight to take my photos to share... Photobucket You may remember this yellow headband I made for my mom for Christmas? The design is nearly the same with the exception of my using two colors of yarn this time and adding the white outlining... Photobucket 
I love how the outlining makes the flower pop! This headband is not for me but for my dear auntie. Thankfully, I was smart enough this time to get a picture of me wearing it before giving it away. 

When my aunt was home for Christmas she wore my mom's headband for a walk and decided she had to have one exactly like it. I was only too thrilled to oblige. So she sent me the yarn in the mail and I made her this one! Photobucket Can't wait to give it to her. I hope she likes it...

I love you Auntie Janelle.

How to Make a CD Case

Remember these handmade dvd/cd cases from awhile ago? I have finally made a tutorial for those of you who had asked for my pattern. Here is how I make them...Photobucket First, iron your fabric and fold it so right sides are facing. You'll need about 11 inches by 13 inches worth of fabric (before folding it). Cut out a paper pattern using the dimensions below: Photobucket Use the pattern as your guide for cutting your fabric to the perfect dimensions. Once the fabric is cut, pin it together. Sew around the outside with a half inch seam allowance. Don't forget to leave a two inch gap on the long side, just about an inch below the highest corner. Photobucket Tip: When you reach the corner, before turning, leave the needle down, lift the foot and turn the fabric, then place the foot back down and begin sewing the new side. Don't forget to reinforce with a backward stitch right before and right after every turn.Photobucket The photos above and below are my weak attempt at showing my corner turns. Hopefully it makes sense? Photobucket Before flipping the fabric right side out, you'll want to trim the corners with a scissors. See below... Photobucket Turn right side out. And poke out the corners using a sharp tool. Photobucket This is a good time to test for size. Use a cd to figure out how far over you want to fold the fabric. Photobucket Iron the fold and pin... Photobucket Stitch the two sides leaving an eighth of an inch seam allowance. And ta-da!Photobucket You're done! Put a cd of your favorite music in it and wrap it up for someone special. Photobucket 
If you have questions about this tutorial, please let me know via comment or email and I'll do my best to help you. Happy sewing everyone...

Wednesday, February 8

Goodbye Couch. Goodbye...

Tonight we said goodbye to our sectional sofa. Our buyer wasn't going to come until Friday, but I think he got so excited to take the couch that he made a big effort to get a truck so he could come pick it up tonight.

So we are saying goodbye to a couch that has served our living space quite well this last year and a half. It will be missed but someday perhaps we will purchase another...

I think one of the hardest things to give up will be our piano. It was the first piano I ever owned personally and it is beautiful. I am comforting myself with the knowledge that my next piano will have better sound quality. I am just extremely thankful that someone is willing to come and do the work to move it. It's so super heavy. Requires five strong men and a piano trolley and lots and lots of effort.

But look how pretty... Photobucket Photobucket 
Ah how I will miss thee... Photobucket
Happy middle of the week everyone. I hope your day has been blessed!

Tuesday, February 7

Sentimental Yet Hopeful

We are moving. In two weeks we are leaving Minnesota. To where? Don't worry, I will tell you soon...

My job the last few days has been to sell the things we won't be taking with us. Our kitchen table... Photobucket Our bookcases. Even our books on the bookcases. Did you know that if you type in a book's isbn number on BookScouter.com, you can find the best buyer for that book? Once you select your buyer, you're even given a shipping label to print off for free shipping. It's really the coolest thing. The most challenging part is finding the perfect-sized box.Photobucket
We were able to make a little money selling many of our books, and the others we simply donated to the library. I love books, but they are not an easy item to move so I am thankful to have them passed on to the next person.Photobucket
It is unbelievably hard saying goodbye to some things. We're downsizing with the intent of starting fresh. I'm working on letting go of sentimental feelings and opening my heart to whatever it is that God has in store for us. Photobucket 
Of course the toughest goodbyes are yet to come. I am going to miss my family. Nevertheless, it is time to spread our wings... 

If you think of me, please say a prayer for strength and courage to press forward.


Wednesday, February 1

Week Five - Healthy Goal

We are already midway through week five of the new year. Can you believe it? In my last post I promised I would write a bit more about my focus for this week! To be honest, I've been spending the first few days of the week tossing around ideas. Should I focus on eating more veggies? Photobucket Drinking more herbal tea? Letting go of sugar? Cooking with organic ingredients? Or what about a home organization goal...cleaning out cupboards? Donating or selling things we don't use? Or should I set a spiritual goal this week? Better prayer time? Scripture memory? Ah so many choices...

To be honest, the thing that most needs my immediate attention is Scripture memory. So, since there are just three days left in the week, I decided to keep my goal very simple. I chose two of my favorite verses from the book of James. The goal? Memorize them by Sunday. 

Lots of changes are taking place around here and though they're exciting changes, they are also terrifying and require large amounts of prayer and faith. I found these two verses to be wonderfully encouraging....

James 5:13 "Is any one of you in trouble? He should pray. Is anyone happy? Let him sing songs of praise."


James 5:16 "Therefore confess your sins to each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective."

Our God is so incredibly faithful and trustworthy!