Tuesday, February 21

Time Away...

Cupboards, drawers, and closets around here are starting to look awfully bare as we continue packing for our move across states...Photobucket There is lots to do and my stress is mounting. Remembering God's presence and peace is essential to speaking kindly when inside I feel a wee bit frantic. Excited of course, but yes a wee bit frantic.Photobucket 
I wanted to just poke my head in quick and say that I'll be away from this little blog of mine for a bit until we get resettled. I hope you won't forget about me. I've met so many wonderful women through this blog and am thankful for every single one of you who have read and commented and encouraged me in this sometimes intimidating but always invigorating blogging world. 

Thank you especially to Gina from Contemplating Beauty for spontaneously meeting for coffee last week! She is the first blogger I've met in person (without knowing her before blogging) and needless to say, it was quite a treat. If you haven't yet visited her lovely blog, you should, you'll love her... Photobucket Here we are together at one of my favorite coffee shops. How fun is that!

 Well dear ones, this is farewell for just a bit. Don't worry... I'll be back. I will miss you while I'm away. 

Lots of love, Courtney


  1. I'm sorry I haven't been around lately, and I will miss you! I hope your move goes well and that you will be back very soon! Grace and peace, Gwen

  2. Oh good luck with your move beautiful girl!! Where are you moving to?! We totally understand your BREAK from blogging! Don't feel bad..I will still be here when you get back!!

    Happy moving!

  3. Hope your move is safe and stress free! See you on the other side! I shall be here waiting for you patiently;-)

    Janette the Jongleur

  4. Courtney!!! Fun pic of us, yay! What a sweet gift it was to meet in person, and share!
    Thanks for posting this, and I'll be praying for your move!!!

  5. Prayers and blessings for your move. I wish you all the best!

  6. Don't stress too much, girl! Just remember God will provide. I can't wait to hear how the Lord will work through you in a new place with new people! You'll be in my prayers as you get ready for the move. Wishing you the best!

  7. PS. I'm totally jealous you and Gina got to have coffee together. :)

  8. I will not forget about you sweet friend!! I wish you guys the best in your travels, move and setting up your new home!! Prayers and lots of love!

  9. Well I wont desert you just because you're taking a very much needed break! :) Totally jealous you and Mrs. Gina had a coffee date. That lady and you too are amazing.


  10. Awe, hope everything's going great on your end! I'll miss you and hope to see you back soon! ;)


  11. I hope your move is going well! Hope to hear from you soon to see how it's all going! I wish I could meet up with a blogger, but everyone I have met via blogging lives far away.

  12. That is soooo cool! I want to meet a blogger! You guys are both gorgeous!

  13. Good luck with your move! I'm sure you will be fine, but in times of stress and anxiety, it does help to remember God's presence. And congrats on the meeting with a real blogger! I have my first real blogger meet up on Thursday and I am quite nervous!

    new follower :)

  14. good luck with things! :)

    love your blog my dear!
    ps. i tagged you!



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