Saturday, October 8

Courage to Float

Like so many people this time of year, I don't seem to have nearly enough time. It's tough to get all the mandatory things done by the deadline much less go after the pursuit of a dream. 

It is no longer a secret that I have this wild dream of designing clothing and beautiful crochet pieces and selling them in my very own shop. To be honest, I had planned to already have that shop opened. And then school started and I realized how little time I actually had available. I have just two items completely ready to sell. This is far behind my goal of ten by the end of September.

So to keep me from discouragement, these are my two darling completions. I call them "The Mustard" and "The Grey." Creative I know. I want them here so I can look at them and know I am courageously swimming across the ocean to the reality of my dream on the other side even though for right now I'm really just alternating between the doggy paddle and a back float until I can press on full speed ahead.


And so it is that I will leave you with these very wise words. Never give up on what you love. Keep working toward it and when there isn't time, just do something little to keep your dream alive.



  1. Great inspirational post =) I like your blog, follow each other ?

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  2. Girl I know how you feel. Sometimes I go through seasons of my life where my to-do or want-to-do-eventually list piles up and there is not enough hours in the day to even sleep! I loved that first quote about needing courage because sometimes all it takes is a kick in the butt from courage. I pray that you can find the courage (and TIME!) to open up your shop :-)

  3. great post you can do this!!!!!!!

  4. Good luck with everything. I'm sure in time you will get to where you want to be. =)

  5. Pretty good advice, just the reminder I needed. Thanks!

    Hang in there, you'll be fine :)

  6. You look very talented and I'm sure you'll achieve your goal!

    Sometimes it just takes a little longer for our dreams to come true :)

    Virginie ♥

  7. i KNOW you will have you own shop of your own cothes one day. you have no idea how many times i go out and see crocheted items and think of you. you have such talent courtney, there is no way it will go by the wayside. God wouldn't allow it. i love that you doggy paddle instead of just sitting in the chair by the pool wishing you could least your in the water :) xoxo

  8. Beautiful advice, Courtney! Your crochet work is gorgeous. My daughter and I want to learn. we recently started finger knitting steps! LOL!

  9. these are beautiful! i just learned how to knit, and want to learn how to crochet really bad. even more after seeing these. keep it up :)

  10. First of all, I was just looking at that print on Pinterest and I LOVED it!

    Second, I am SO impressed with your crochet stitches! I just started crocheting a couple weeks ago, and I'm learning all kinds of stitches slowly but surely. I've been making snowflakes, and I'm a little too proud of them! : )

  11. you are beautiful--- in and out! xo


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