Monday, August 22

Recital a Day at a Time

School began today. Summer was wonderful and I will miss it greatly but I'm looking forward to the routine of classes, teaching, and piano practice. I'll be preparing once again for my recital on November 4th. I thought it'd be fun to share bits and pieces of my progress in hopes of staying motivated. Below is a recording of the first piece on my program. This is the Prelude of Bach's English Suite No. 2 in A minor. I love the entire suite, especially the Sarabande and the Gigue, but this Prelude initially grabbed my attention as a wonderful opener. Martha Argerich plays it beautifully...

This week I'll be posting each piece on my program a day at a time. As you might imagine, it can be a challenge to work on the same music for more than a year. I struggle to remember my initial response to the pieces I chose. It's true there are moments when I love the music so much more now than I ever did in the beginning, but I long to remember what grabbed me upon first hearing these selections. Because of this, I'd love to hear your reactions to the music. Do you like it? And if so what do you like about it?

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  1. I am so proud of you. Way to tackle all the go girl!


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