Tuesday, August 9

Bookshelves Buttons & Beyond

Today I spent some more time in my creative space organizing away. Isn't the ironing board cover my sister found for me absolutely adorable! And as you can see, I'm currently a huge orange fan. And by that I DON'T mean that I'm huge and orange!

I finally consolidated my second bookshelf and layered it to please the eye. Not all my books fit back on the shelf so I will definitely need to find a new storage place for them until the day we have a whole room set aside as a library.

On the top shelf you can see my big beautiful storage box from Anthropologie. Wanna know a secret? ALWAYS ask them to gift wrap your purchases because there is no additional cost! I love using their gift boxes for storing things in my house.

I got to go through my newly inherited sewing supplies. My mom used to sew lots when we were little and she has kindly passed all her now unneeded supplies on to me. This included TONS and TONS of buttons. Love the pretty colors.

Last weekend we fit in a trip to IKEA where I found yet another file box.

This one is nice and big and for now I'm using it to store my fabric. Until the day comes when I grow out of my box...

Tomorrow I'll post some shots of the room as a whole so you can get the bigger picture. It's really looking cute! My husband started painting my sewing table today and the first coat is finished so hopefully I can get all that set up by tomorrow night's post. Can you guess which color I chose?

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  1. Ummmmm..... Orange? :) You are way ahead of me. My sewing room is a disaster right now. Too much stuff...

  2. really cute! i love the file folder for fabric idea and the anthropologie box tip! you're so fab! blessings, friend


  3. love it all. cannot wait to see your 'new' sewing table.

  4. Linda, you are absolutely correct!!! How did you ever guess. I can just imagine how much sewing stuff you must have in your possession. A seamstress heaven!

    Andi, thanks for your comment! You're so encouraging.

    Candace, I can't wait to see my "new" sewing table either.

  5. you have such great style! I am loving that orange...so fresh and bright!!


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