Wednesday, August 3

Skirt Refashion

My Creative Space today is filled with my very first skirt refashion. I am now the proud owner of an adorable new-to-me pencil skirt.

This wool skirt was originally from Banana Republic and has been collecting dust in my closet for longer than I care to admit. I think I may have stolen it from my sister once upon a very long time ago. It was a size 12 and hung nicely on the hips back when hip hanging was remarkably fashionable (or at least back when I thought it was remarkably fashionable). This past fall I tried this skirt on 3 different times always opting not to wear it as I stood in front of the mirror cinching it all over and telling myself that it was cute if only it fit better... Today I finally took the plunge and made it into something I will happily wear come Fall. Here are some before and afters.

Before (Front)

Before (Back)

Before (Side)

And After...

This refashion was a little stretch for me because of the skirt's silky inner lining and the thickness of the outer wool fabric. I was nervous to cut anything, not knowing exactly where to start. But I'm so glad I dug in and worked my way through it. Really all it took was stitching up the pleat in the front, and adding a stitch in the back from top to bottom leaving a four inch slit for walking. I also finished off the inside edges with some extra folds and stitching because I'm a perfectionist and even though no one sees the inside, I know it's there and want it to be pretty too.

So there you have it. And the best part? It was free!

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  1. I love your blog Courtney! So inspiring! All the things you're working on look wonderful. My time is limited with the 2 girls right now but I'm itching to let my creativity out. Hope you're doing well!
    - Emily P.

  2. Your skirt looks awesome!! Nicely done. [...and I hear it's your birthday...Happy Birthday!]

  3. Is there an easy way of taking a skirt in? I have a pencil skirt I've had for years and now it's too big, and I don't even know where to start to take it in.

  4. Thank you for the sweet comments!


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