Wednesday, August 10

Orange You Sweet

And now presenting my NEARLY finished new and improved sewing table. This color is actually called Red Hot Pepper and I intended it to be quite red, but as you can see it came out quite orange. And since I'm currently a huge orange fan I was ok with that!

James said one more coat after today's coat should do the trick so I have to wait one more sleep as my little brother used to say. (Ironically his favorite color is orange so it is more than appropriate that I reference him in this post. I love you Clayton!)

After the final coat, then comes reconstructing the table, then comes hours of letting it dry, then comes lots and lots of sewing. I'm excited to say the least.
Have I ever mentioned how much I love brick walls?

I also love how my file box has become a sort of end table. It is truly a multi-functional piece.

And lastly today I was admiring the glass knob under the keyboard portion of my piano. James put this on for me when we discovered a screw end sticking through the wood where a knob used to be. The knob is used as a handle to pull that piece of wood open so you can see the inner workings of the piano and clean out the cobwebs. It's beautiful I think so in a way can also be considered a multi-functional piece.

That's all for tonight my dear readers. I hope your week has been a delight.
Sweet dreams, sleep tight...

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