Wednesday, July 20

New Shades On

This is post number two in my fitness series. If you haven't checked out post number one, it's right here

Today for my workout I adorned myself in my new shades from Anthropologie. Cannot get enough of that store! I love their clothes not to mention all the other wonderful goodies flooding their shelves with delight. I feel happy every time I enter just to look about me... don't even have to spend a penny to thoroughly enjoy the experience.

I paired my sunglasses with a bright blue tank, light purple sports bra and my favorite black yoga pants. I drove to my gym, met with a trainer who happens to share my same name, and learned how to use all the fancy lifting machines. After the  tutorial, I did a full body workout so I wouldn't forget everything I'd just been taught. I wrote down all the details like weight, reps, sets and left it in a file cabinet for next time. I'll be keeping a close eye on my progress. 

If you've never learned how to use the machines at your gym it's worth asking a trainer to show you. Knowing what you're doing really helps take away the intimidation factor, which makes working out way more fun. I say throw on a cute outfit and go for it! Be a little crazy! Try something new!


  1. Yay! I got on... good to see your blog, Courtney. Love your style! :-)

  2. Thanks Jenny! Glad we got it to work.

  3. I have a membership at Gold's gym and I have worked with a personal trainer a couple of years ago and shed 12 pounds. I don't wear cute outfits when I work out. I'll have to do that sometime. Being so overweight makes me feel that I don't really look cute in any outfits right now. LOL!


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