Tuesday, July 19

Tennis & Tea

That should really read 'Tea & Tennis' to be chronologically correct, since I did in fact begin with the tea.

Any Earl Grey fans out there? That sounds like the name of a singer when I put it that way. It happens to be one of my favorite teas at the moment. Just the right amount of caffeine to give me a boost before a workout. I usually try to avoid caffeine but am finding it difficult to resist a little black tea now and then. 

With this post I hope to begin a series of posts about exercise, fitness and overall health. Today for my workout I played my husband in tennis. Love that game and I love to sweat when I'm dressed for it! 

On our way to the courts we found a cool new walking path we'd never before explored. Adventure. I love the look of the tree in the left photo with that skinny long branch extending out over the path. 

 Tomorrow I meet with a personal trainer at my gym. This is my second session and I will be learning all about the lifting machines. Last session I had my measurements taken, took a cardio fitness test, and set a few long-term goals. Can you sense my excitement?


  1. Ah, tennis. We will have to play together when I come visit! Doubles would be fun too...if we can rope anybody else into playing :) Oooo and I love the tea pic. Oh, AND I love you too. Smiles & hugs.

  2. Are you still working with your personal trainer? I don't play tennis that often and I'm not really that good...In college, my friend Becca and I would do crazy things to get our heart rates up like one person bikes outside while the other person runs alongside and then switch places. I tried played catch with some guys from the football team once and one guy hurled it so hard into my stomach it just about knocked me out.

  3. I'm not still training with a personal trainer. We had four sessions together as a way of jump starting a program for me. I loved it and would totally meet with one weekly if I could afford to. Maybe someday...


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