Sunday, July 31

Filing Helps

School is starting in less than a month and I am feeling the pressure already. I have one semester of grad school left, a gigantic paper to write, and a full recital to prepare. Plus students to motivate and inspire, and a dear sweet husband with whom I love to spend time. And somehow I know it will all get done. But that doesn't always keep my mind from racing and my body from stressing.

Prayer helps. I love to throw all those complicated thoughts at God and receive His peace as His response. Definitely not a fair trade, quite obvious Who gets the rotten end of that deal. God's grace is incredible!

Preparing helps. I love to get busy, get moving, and feel a progression toward a desired end. Yesterday I spent some quality time emailing and organizing my schedule for the semester. It helped eliminate some of the stress. Emphasis on "some." Today's filing project eliminated even more of the stress and has me feeling nearly ready to start studying. Emphasis on "nearly."

Check out the fun file box. I love finding cute office supplies on clearance at Target. 50% off this little piece of goodness.

And of course anything looks beautiful sitting on the bench of an old upright piano... well... maybe not anything, but this certainly does!

And now that I'm finished, I can sit and type (something I love doing by the way) and drink tea (something else I love doing). Just found this new blend... not sure how I feel about it. Tastes a little bitter and agave nectar didn't do the trick. Any other ideas? What would you add to this wild sweet orange tea to make it sweeter?

Happy Sunday to you. I hope you've had a wonderfully relaxing weekend.

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