Saturday, July 30

Blog Buttoning

Today I tackled the long-procrastinated task of creating a button for my blog. And it is finally complete! What do you think? If you love it, I hope you'll share it. You can find the necessary scripting under "Share the FUN Button" in my sidebar. The dimensions are 200x121 pixels. Don't laugh, I had a little trouble with that part of the process. Couldn't quite get it to be exactly the hoped for 200x120.

While I was on a roll, I decided to make one for my mom's wonderful business since I've been meaning to share it with you all for awhile now. She (Carol Athman) is a natural health practitioner and very gifted at her job. If you're looking for an alternative health care provider, she would be an excellent option. She and Kathy Hagemeister opened Energy Health & Wellness in February 2008 and have since been doing a fabulous job of helping people feel energetic, healthy and full of wellness! The button below will take you right to their website.

Happy browsing. And happy weekend too...
Time for me to get some sleep. Church comes early in the morning.

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