Sunday, February 20

The Light at the End of the Tunnel

My recital program is finally memorized though a little shaky in a few spots. I've been recording my playing and always get excited when I hear improvement but I can't honestly say I'm loving every moment of the process. Is it possible for a person to be passionate about something and some days not feel like doing the very thing they are supposed to be passionate about?

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  1. Hey Court that is a really tough question but I like it... I think passion really does shows how much you really love something. Nevertheless, you might love to play the piano but maybe you don't necessarily like deadlines? Its nice to be able to do what we love when we want to. I'm sure you'll love later that you memorized these pieces and can perform them when you want. Also its hard to commit to the things we love all the time, I am passionate about Christ but still lose it sometimes. It's hard to have a passion that is all consuming apart from Christ. Maybe consider that it is what Christ has led you to do at this point in your life?


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