Friday, February 25

I Love Fridays

Today I had one thing scheduled, a recital performance of the 3rd movement of Beethoven's Appassionata Sonata. It went alright, not great, not awful, but alright. I'm reminded yet again to be patient and accept myself as a work in progress...

I love Fridays because it is the start of my weekend. I usually have time to practice, clean, rest, blog, and start work on hobbies that have been collecting dust. My latest venture is to design clothing for myself.  James of course has thrown in a request for some cool pants, but I'm not confident "cool" would be the result. My forte is definitely NOT men's clothing.

I'm borrowing a sewing machine from a friend, and I bought an inexpensive pattern for a knit top so I can begin this process of teaching myself how to sew. The next step will be learning how to improvise by modifying patterns to fit my design. We'll see how this goes. I'll keep you posted as best I can. Just keep in mind that my hobbies tend to get a little dusty when I find myself busy with other things.


  1. Ah, I know how that is! I totally have ADD when it comes to hobbies. I find myself flitting from one thing to another in my spare time and it's hard to finish things up! I look forward to seeing what you sew up though. =)

  2. I have a book you can borrow if you want. Its about how to make your own patterns from your measurements. I made a top and it turned out so-so. I had to try and get my own measurements, though and I think I got some of them a bit off. LOL Let me know if you want to borrow it. :)


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