Saturday, February 2

A Bit of Saturday Loveliness

It's been a busy week of crocheting. And today I finally had a chance to catch up on some photography. I listed four new items in my shop. I thought I'd share two of my favorites here.

This light turquoise yarn undeniably caught my eye at the store the other day. Little did I know it would turn into this ruffled beauty...Any guesses what it might be?
 photo Cowl-1_zps7e57efdd.jpg And these green and gold coasters were the brilliant idea of my auntie. Thank you Paula for such a fun color combination... photo Coaster_zpsdbe545a1.jpg The weeks really do fly by (taking care of this adorable little face) but I'm doing my best to squeeze in some creative time here and there. photo J_zpsb32a5791.jpg 
Wishing you a lovely weekend, 

p.s. You can find full descriptions and pictured detail of the two items above in my shop


  1. Jack is so cute. I can't get enough of seeing his pics. It's great that you are back to crocheting.

  2. What a little cutie! I love how babies can rock a solid fauxhawk better than men can. ;) Hope your weekend was wonderful and that you have a great week ahead of you!

  3. your new pieces are LOVELY court!!! and your little boy??



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