Monday, December 3

Consider Me Blessed

Some incredible friends of mine threw a baby shower for me yesterday afternoon. I cannot say how blessed I felt to be loved on with gifts and beautiful baby boy decorations and delicious food. Not to mention five fabulous hours of girl talk and laughter. 

One friend put together this adorable scrapbook for me. She designed 12 complete pages, one for each month of our son's first year. I can't wait to fill it with cute little photos. Thank you Cherie!Photobucket Photobucket The best part is that you can pay her a visit yourself. She has a fun little blog of her own and an amazing shop filled with handmade wooden journals. You'll love them! So quick, go on over and say hello.

Happy Monday everyone!


  1. oh your friends are sweet, how lovely x

  2. You are too sweet! You are so very welcome and I can't wait to see your little ones pictures in it :)

  3. How adorable that baby book is! Courtney, I'm so glad God has blessed you with these newfound friends. And thank you all for taking such good care of my dear, dear sister!

  4. Oh my gosh! What a greattttt gift!! Love that scrapbook! And I'm glad you enjoyed the babyshower.. I think you may remember I threw one for a friend recently..and all I cared about was whether she enjoyed herself.. Glad you did!



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