Thursday, April 5

A Thursday Sort of Day

I'm thankful today for so many things God is doing in our lives. Even through trials, He sustains and blesses. He gives joy, peace, and love to the point of overflowing.Photobucket 
Eleven items are now ready to go into my shop. I'm still working on getting the photography to complement and showcase each item just so, but this journey is getting more and more exciting with each passing day... Photobucket 
I'm debating giving myself a precise deadline. Any other etsy shop owners out there? How did you start off your big day? Did you announce it in advance or just throw the "doors" open all-the-sudden-like? Photobucket 
In the meantime, I'll be working on this little mustard loveliness? Any guesses as to what it might be? I'm making the pattern up as I go so the end result is still a mystery even to me, but I do have an idea in mind...

Happy Thursday everyone,


  1. i love that bottom shot, what are you going to be selling in your store? I was at michaels today and I came across a book called granny square love by sarah london. LOVE! i'm ordering it on amazon cause it was expensive at michaels, you should definitely check it out, there is a pattern for a cute garland and granny square tea pot cozy!!

  2. Is it a potholder?

    Even if not, I think you should consider making potholders like artist renilde de peuter does:

    Potholders may seem a little homely, but you have a blank canvas when it comes to color choice and I love useful art.

    Way to go on the shop, Courtney! Be sure and announce the grand opening!

  3. How exciting it must be getting closer and closer to opening up your little shop! I'm looking forward to seeing all the goodies you've been working on. I don't have an Etsy shop, so I don't have any advice to offer. But one day I hope to be opening a little shop of my own. But by then I'm sure you'll be a seasoned pro. ;) Good luck, lady!

  4. PS. I love the first photo of the colored pencils! So nice!

  5. How exciting! Your work is so pretty :)

  6. I'm a fan of deadlines. This is related directly to my skills at procrastination. ;-)

    If you pick a date, you can use that to market around. Rock on, Granny Courtney.


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