Wednesday, January 11

A Polished Look

Is anyone else in love with polished nails but not always up for doing a self manicure? I find myself committing the crime of layering it up, adding a fresh coat without removing the chipped one I'm wearing... Photobucket Today was one of those days... Photobucket 
If you look from a distance, you can't tell that anything is amiss... Photobucket 
But if you get real close, you'll see ridges under the surface (ridges I'm hiding)... Photobucket This is such a girly analogy for our lives and how at times we hide our troubles and shortcomings... Photobucket The truth is the Lord knows our "ridges." He sees past our polished (or unpolished) outward appearance to our pain, hurts, suffering, and all the other messes we strive to cover up. And He loves us still. I've found one of the most freeing things is to talk to Him about all of it. He already knows of course, but it allows me to feel peace and experience His love. 

So this is me today, encouraging us all to talk to Jesus...

With lots of love,


  1. I usually go to a the salon but I would like to learn how to do my own painting. Thanks for sharing!

  2. What a nice selection of nail polishes you have! All these colors together make me happy :P.

    I very rarely do my nails because for some reason they break too easily. At the library, there's not one day when I don't hurt a nail (and I wear gloves!). I love color, but I'm afraid my nails are too messed up to be polished :/.

    Hope you have a great day! And thanks a lot for your kind words! :D



  3. I have been doing that more and more lately. I can't believe I forgot how wonderful it feels to talk to him about all my problems and thoughts and praises. I had been sadly forgetting to, but my move to Houston has really reminded me of my need for him!

  4. I totally do the same thing when i'm in a hurry! hehehe!

  5. Great post! you said what i said in my post in a different way! :^) A wonderfully blessed new year to you and your family! Patsy from

  6. I loved the analogy here, (but at first I kept waiting for a pic of your nails with old nail polish under you new coat of nail polish LOL)..

    Yes God wants us to freely come to Him, He just wants our hearts, that relational piece! What a loving free, grace filled thing!


  7. I too love polished nail. I love how you tied in the "ridges" and how God knows all of ours. Lovely writing.

  8. Love this! Looking forward to checking out the rest of your blog! Newest follower!

  9. I can NOT do my own nails. My left hand looks great, but my right one..not so much! Great analogy too :)


  10. Hi Courtney! In response to your comment on my blog about the CopyCat series: Don't go buy new things! My tip is to look for images of people wearing similar pieces to what you ALREADY OWN. They don't have to be exact! As for finding the images, say you want to style a black blazer that you may have... type into google images "black blazer street style" then scroll through the pictures to see how other people styled it. The items don't have to be exact. Say they're wearing a blue pencil skirt, but you only have a purple one, that's fine! Think of it more as inspiration if you're having a hard time finding an exact match! If you're still at a loss, you could always find an outfit you love and then shope around for similar items online and create a collage of the items along with the prices and where they're from. Make sense?

  11. I love how you took a story about nail polish (a fun topic on its own) and turned it into a lesson :-)


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