Saturday, January 21

Inspiring Faith

My sister just told me about Ann Voskamp yesterday. And the lady has already thoroughly inspired me in my walk with God. This post she wrote on prayer is wonderful.

Ann's book called One Thousand Gifts is one I've now written on my "to-read" list for the year. She even hosts video discussions of each chapter here.

Have you heard of Ann before?

I love when I learn of people like this who are serving God outright and drawing others to Him. It blesses my heart...


  1. She's really good!

    Henri nouwen I think has the best book on prayer out there, it's called THE ONLY NECESSARY THING

    xoxo hope you're well this week!

  2. she is my hero. i try to imatate her in my writing. her book is my favorite book, next to the Bible. it changed the way i see life.

    i have a button now. wanna swap?

  3. I stumbled across her a few weeks ago through the Compassion project and Inspired to Action. I haven't really explored her stuff too much, but it sounds like I might should give her a second look. I love that there is a video guide to her book.


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