Tuesday, January 3

Beautiful Water

With each new year comes this wonderful motivation to improve, grow, and seek out positive lifestyle changes. However, I know I won't be able to sustain any of my desired improvements if I try to make them all at once. Instead, I thought it would be fun to choose and develop one new habit each week. This week I will be focusing on drinking plenty of water throughout each day...
Drinking more water is such an easy change and does wonders for your skin, your energy, and your overall health.  This photo makes it look so beautifully appetizing. It makes me want to add pretty flavors to my water like slices of cucumber or strawberries.

Do you like to add things to your drinking water?


  1. girl I drink out of a 64 ounce bubba keg every day full of water and I swear it gives me clear skin and energy!

  2. Yes! I love to add flavoring...
    Mio is my lifesaver. It makes me drink more.

  3. I love drinking water, but hate the flavor of just plain water! I add slices of lemon or mint leaves. Yum! Also, I drink lots of decaf tea. =)

  4. What a neat idea to add this to water! I love drinking lots and lots of water too each day. Normally I drink around four, 32 OZ Nalgene bottle fulls (:

    I tagged you in a fun quizzy today on my blog (:

    love you!

  5. My dad started drinking a lot of water each day and when he couldn't make himself do it, he'd make lemonade- still plenty of hydration and you can always sweeten it with sugar substitutes if you want to stay healthy! I bet agave nectar would work.

  6. that is a simply brilliant idea. i am definitely drinking tons of water now... seltzer water alot too. up until a few months ago i swear all i drank was soda, seltzer water helped wean me off because it still had the bubbles LOL. thanks for sharing this. i'm totally doing it.

  7. I need to hop back on the water train. Late last year I picked up an addiction to energy drinks that I need to shake.


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