Tuesday, November 29

Some Mini Delights

I warn you in advance, this may not be the greatest post. I feel a bit stuck in one of those uninspired phases at the moment, but in an attempt to press on I will share some highlights from this past week. 

We did it! We bought our Christmas tree, stuffing the 6-plus footer into the back of our iddy biddy car. More on the decorative process later...

We hosted a mini thanksgiving dinner on Thanksgiving Eve and after the meal played Pit for the first time. Such a fun game. Have you tried it?
And we paid a visit to the coolest men's hair salon I've ever been in. My husband got his haircut at this place and while I sat in the lobby admiring the modern decor I couldn't help but sneak a picture. It's called the Men's Department in Minneapolis and they do an awesome job so if your man is picky about his locks, take him here. 
That's all I got for now. We're coming up on final's week at school so pray for my endurance if you think of it. Hope this post finds you healthy and happy.

Lots of love,



  1. Keep truggin' on! I've had a bit of a slump lately, but I hope to be 'a pullin' outta it soon...

  2. Sounds like a lovely holiday/weekend! I am still in the process of talking Josh into buying a real Christmas tree this year. =) We have a fake one, but I am really craving the scent of evergreen! Can't wait to see how you decorate yours!

  3. You can do it!

    I bought the man friend a gift certificate to a similar-style salon in DC a couple of Christmases ago, and he definitely loved it. I guess sometimes guys want to be pampered, too :-)

  4. Glad you enjoyed your holiday Courtney! Good luck with your finals!

  5. that's a HAIR PLACE?! wowo!!
    too funny about the tree in the back of your car! :)
    hope you're doing better now courtney. :)
    thanks for your sweet words on my blog! they really encouraged me so much. i'm following you now!<3


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