Tuesday, November 8

Grace's Design

A month or so ago I had a friend ask me to design and crochet a headband for her, and I promised it would be the first project I would tackle after finishing my piano recital. Last night I got to work and here's a peek at the result.
The width of the band is approximately two and a quarter inches until it reaches the ears where it tapers to just over one inch. The narrower width at the neck allows for your hair to lay better especially when you style it down. Photobucket 
My friend asked for a rose-colored headband and as you can see this headband is in the very interesting color I like to call cream. What do you think Grace? Is this close to what you had in mind except in rosy hues? Photobucket
And what about you? If I were to make more for my shop would they sell do you think? I'm contemplating shades of mustard, emerald, magenta, and gray... 
How do you feel about the width and design? Any suggestions?
Happy middle-of-the-week day dear reader... I'm off to catch some sleep.



  1. Great job! I wish I had some kind of manual skill, snif ...

    Sweet dreams! ;)


  2. I'm trying to crochet a blanket for Julia right now.....it looks like crap. Your headband is awesome

  3. You are so pretty and talented! If you do make it to Korea, friend, do bring along a little band for meeeee!! Pleaseee!! ;) Hehe!

  4. Oh my, it's soooo pretty! I love your design! I think those would definitely sell. They are very unique too, I haven't seen many crocheted headbands! Oh- I just saw your comment, I would love to do a button swap with you! I have one on my page, hopefully the code is working right. =) I will grab yours too! Also- I am organizing a blogger meetup sometime in January if you are interested in attending. I know it would be a bit of a drive for you, but it would be so fun to see you there! Hope you are having a great week.


  5. What a lovely headband. I've been making a few crochet headbands to add to my store for kiddos and this just gives me an idea.


  6. How delightful! Gray, magenta, emerald & mustard would be a perfect colours!


  7. thanks for the follow :) i just pinned headbands like this on pinterest the other day! its so cute, i need to learn how to make one.

  8. Really love this, C. Well done! If I had the poundage I'd buy one from a UK etsyish sort of shop.


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