Wednesday, October 5

Daring to Obey

In case you've all been sitting on the edge of your seats wondering how I did on my exam last night, you'll be relieved to know that it went very well though caused much unneeded stress due to my procrastination. Never again...

On quite another topic, God has been showing me some neat things recently and I'm so excited about them I can't resist the urge to share. I will intersperse my wordy sharing with some cool photos we took in Switzerland last summer to hopefully keep you engaged. These shots remind me of the things I know to be true of God.


I mentioned in September that I was starting up Bible Study Fellowship (BSF). We've been meeting for four weeks now and are studying the book of Acts. It's incredible to read about all the signs and wonders the apostles performed and their boldness in sharing the Gospel through the power of the Holy Spirit. I have been reminded that as a Christian I also received the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit in my life and have the potential to be equally as bold if I would but allow God to move me and obey.

So here goes my first big act of obedience. And it comes in the form of a commitment to Scripture memory. Did you know that Spirit-filled believers devote themselves to the things that grow their faith? And God's Word is number one on that list? Acts 2:42 points out all four things on the list:

1.The Word of God
2. Fellowship with other Christians
3. Breaking of Bread (The Lord's Supper)
4. Prayer

I am still in the planning stages of this commitment but am hoping to have it all set up by this weekend. I read on my dear friend Abigail's blog about her own goal of memorizing an entire book of the Bible. How wonderful to know I am not alone in this endeavor.

And just so you know if you ever have questions about any of the content here please know that I welcome your emails. I know that faith topics can be touchy and sometimes I'm not the best at explaining myself. So, yes, please do ask away!


Lots of love,


  1. Oh, I procrastinate ... a lot :(. I feel horrible when a due date is coming but can't help it, bah!

    I'd love to go to Switzerland! It looks beautiful!

  2. the photography plus the phraseology really make an impression. thanks for sharing.

  3. Cool Courtney, thanks for sharing! I love that Christ is the spring of living water.

    "...those who thirst will thirst no more. those who search will find what their souls search for. The world will try, but it can never fill,
    So leave it all behind, and come to the well"

    "but whoever drinks the water I give him will never thirst. Indeed, the water I give him will become in him a spring of water welling up to eternal life."


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