Tuesday, September 13

Beautiful to See

Source: etsy.com via Courtney on Pinterest

Source: flickr.com via Courtney on Pinterest

I love how certain photos combine for an even more powerful impact. These three are all beautiful standing alone, but gorgeous to me when viewed together. 

The sewing machine photo I loved immediately upon seeing it on Gussy Sews' pinboard she calls "Sewing Machine Lust."

The pink flower photo I first saw on Luce de Luce's "Pink" pinterest board. The whole board is amazing and worth a visit.

The brilliant contrast of the dark sweater set against the white background in the last photo is what caught my eye. The floral pattern absolutely pops. This one I found on egle's pinboard called "photography that inspires." It's one among many breathtaking shots.

 Happy Tuesday all with lots of love from me...


  1. Hey Courtney! Thanks for the comment! I love your blog! And that picture of the sewing machine too! It interesting that you're an aspiring designer! I always wanted to have my own clothing shop when I was younger. Maybe now that I'm learning to sew, it might just happen! :)

  2. love love love your pins!! Isnt pinterest so addicting?!

  3. Courtney! I got the bracelet!!! :D Thank you so much! I promise I'll take pics of myself wearing it, ok? ;) I even loved the presentation, wow!

    Hope you have a great week! ;D


  4. Thank you pretty ladies! Miki I'm so glad you got the bracelet! Can't wait to see pictures!

  5. I love that sewing machine! I have a beautiful antique sewing machine from 1923...black with gold detailing. I treasure it!


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