Tuesday, August 16

Sunset Crochet

Last night I was sitting at my piano squeezing in some last-minute practicing. Since we live in an apartment and my piano is not a keyboard with headphones, the neighbor's with children have asked me not to play after eight. Their little girl's bedroom is on the other side of our piano wall so it's completely understandable. Though it makes me said cause my favorite time to play is after dark. Anyway, back to my story, I was playing and took a quick glance out the window only to be met by this view. I froze and just stared at this gorgeous sky and then jumped up to get my camera so I could show James when he came home.


And then since the clock struck eight while I was gazing away, I could practice no more. Instead I crocheted. I'm working on a new pattern design for a top. New patterns always make me excited and a little nervous because what if I get to that certain point and decide it's a disaster and then have to take out all those stitches only to start again? Awful right? It's happened before so I know the pain very well. I can only hope this pattern will be a success.


That tree branch by the way is from way up on a mountain in Montana. We hiked up to touch the snow and saw tons of these along the way. I couldn't resist bringing one home as a memento. It's so rustic and weathered looking!

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