Wednesday, November 6

Bombers for Babies - New Item Wednesday

As I type this I'm intermittently feeding my little man a snack. Some late afternoon oatmeal if you wish to know. He thinks it's fun to bite down on the spoon every time it enters his mouth. Maybe that's why this post is getting written so slowly. Regardless, it seems appropriate to mention him in this post since this week's new item was inspired especially by him. Last week we experienced a bit of a chill and I realized I did not have the appropriate head dressing for my son's little head. The one hat we did own was not only quickly becoming too small, but was finding itself tossed to the ground repeatedly by its wearer. Hence, I set to work designing a size appropriate hat that could withstand the numerous attempts at dethronement. Success...  photo blog1_zps8d9b2459.jpg  photo 1_zps2844e065.jpg These darling little baby bombers are now available at The Velvetleaf Boutique. To see more photos or place an order, visit here.


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    1. :) I will tell him you said so. I happen to agree but of course I'm very partial!

  2. So sweet your little prince!!!

  3. Oh my word that is the most precious little thing!!! Yeah, I really like the hat too! :-)

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  5. How adorable!!! And your son looks JUST like you!!!!


  6. Look at that huge toothy smile! Adorable! X Jane

  7. Oh my gosh isn't he the cutest ^_^ such a lovely hat too!

  8. oh my gosh... stop... he can't be ANY cuter. You're so blessed =)
    xo Missy


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